Friday, October 26, 2012

Organizing Your "Stuff"

Awhile ago I posted about a great organizational inservice I attended a few years back.  In that post I shared creating a folder for "A Day in the Life Of" your family.  I desperately need to update mine, but I hope that you have found that to be a helpful little resource to have on hand for emergencies or a, gasp, no children, vacation!  Today I'd like to share another component of that inservice with you.

I have a little "hub" where I keep our bills, mail, and other important pieces of information handy.  Here's a quick breakdown of the materials you will need:

For each member of your family, two colored folders (assign each member a color) plus two extra, one each in an unused color
A binder that closes (place for folders, zip pocket; I found mine at Office Max)
An organizer for mail, folders, pencils, etc.  (Wal-Mart or Office Max is where I got mine)

The first step is to create two folders for each member of your family in "their" color.  You will put one folder in your organizer and one in your binder.  The items you place in the folders in your organizer are those that you will use right away or soon.  Think school papers, medical information you need to take to the office, etc.  The items you put in the binder folders are items you will need to access, but not necessarily soon or on a regular basis.  For example, class lists, vaccination information, etc.

Create a folder for your binder for menus/coupons (think Bed, Bath and Beyond) and insert behind your family's colored folders.  This is also where I keep our "Day in the Life Of" folder as well as a folder for medical receipts.  In the front zipper pocket, I keep stamps, my address book, and any gift cards we receive.  This velcros shut and sits behind my organizer.

In the organizer, I place everyone's colored folders.  In the front we have a spot for writing utensils, bills or mail that needs to be sent out, our checkbook, and any cards that I will need that month.  You can also slip papers that need to be filed into your colored folders in the organizer, so they don't get lost and can easily be accessed if necessary.

I'm not going to lie, after awhile it can get a little messy and things need to be put in their correct files, but overall it's been a great system and one that I would recommend!

*I have pictures, but Blogger is not uploading correctly again.  I will add soon!


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