Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some Days are Like That

Today was a preschool day for the Princess, so I thought I would try to run some errands while she was at school and I only had the little guy.  Our drive to her school is about 15 minutes, so if possible, I try to stay in "town" instead of spending an hour on the road driving back-and-forth.  It's a time and money saver, so why not, right?

Wrong.  After I dropped her off, I began to daydream about my little plan for the morning.  First we would hit Target to get a few things, maybe browse around a few stores for some winter clothing, and wrap up our morning at the grocery store.  Once we were done, we'd pick up some lunch and head over to pick her up.  

My plan was going great, until we walked into Target.  The fight over riding or pushing turned into one of those epic temper tantrums where your child is screaming "NO" as loud as possible, crying, and not budging.  Thank God we had to walk down one aisle, grab the hand soap, and hit the checkout lane.  There is really nothing like tucking your screaming, slippery (thanks to his coat) toddler under your arm while pushing a cart trying to make your exit as quickly as possible.  I didn't interact with the cashier.  I quickly paid for our stuff and got the heck out of dodge, only to run into a neighbor while my kid is still screaming like a maniac.  This continued out into the parking lot where he stiffened up so it was about impossible to get him in his carseat.  I finally did and we headed for home.

What do all good mothers do in this situation?  Ignore the nonsense going on in the back and turn up the music!  For the lovely fifteen minute drive home I sang my heart out while he screamed away in his seat.  When we arrived home he was still screaming, shoeless, and tear-stained.  I carried him through the door and he insisted on having his shoes put on.  He sat down, I put them on, and then finally some quiet.  I only had to listen to him scream for 30 minutes.  Fun stuff.

Needless to say, my wonderful plan for getting anything accomplished this morning was wiped away by the little guy.  Some days are like that I guess.  We'll have to try again another day, though I'm not particularly looking forward to it.  And my husband wonders why I grocery shop on the weekend!  :)  

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