Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Who Am I?

This is the question many moms ask themselves.  Sometimes it is hard for me to come up with an answer other than "Mom" and "Wife."  This question has been put back into my mind, as I've been reading several books by the author Kristin Hannah (which I love!) and the last few have been about mothers, who once their children left the nest, had lost themselves along the way.  While these books are fiction, there are definitely real-life issues that are addressed:  this being one of them.

I know I've talked about this before, but it's definitely a question worth examining again.  Before we welcome another child into the world, I think it may be important for me to figure out who I am outside of the role of wife and mother.  It is so easy to get so wrapped up in those roles, not to mention the time commitment, that there often seems like there's just not enough time to do something for myself.

So, where do I start this journey?  I think my first step is to think about what brings me happiness outside of my family.  Most of the hobbies I enjoy are typically done at home, so that doesn't really get me out of the house!  Perhaps I could take my love of reading a bit further and join a book club.  I know it starts off about reading a book, but usually ends up as a night of chit-chat instead!  That may be a step in the right direction.

I also like to volunteer, organize, and be part of groups.  Before we moved, and my older kids were younger, I co-founded two mom's groups:  one online that brought mothers with young children together and one at my church.  These type of activities are fulfilling to me, because I enjoy bringing people together and having social opportunities.  I feel like these type of activities serve a purpose and I am a person who likes to see results and help others.  I think I should look for some organizations here that are looking for help or if there is a need in the community within my comfort-zone, then maybe starting a group should be explored.

My husband says that when it comes down to it, I'm a teacher.  While this may be true, teaching full-time just isn't something I can or desire to do right now.  I feel like I need to be at home and am lucky enough to do so, but I needed to find a way to channel the teacher inside of me and incorporate that into my life somehow.  Teaching early childhood classes a few days a week may just be what I needed.  I am enjoying planning the classes and putting my education to work, but I am still able to take the kiddos along.  I feel like it is beneficial for the community as well, as it brings people together and provides some fun, educational activities for the little ones.

After writing this, I feel like I have some direction and am on the right path.  Finding time to do everything may be difficult, but it never hurts to try new things.  The beauty of it all, is that if it gets to be too much, I can "downsize."  My next challenge is to find opportunities for my husband and I to escape every so often by ourselves.  Date nights are few and far between these days, but we really need to work on making it more of a priority.  That is for another day!

As a mother, do you feel like this is a question you need to find the answer to?  I'd love to hear your success stories if you find an answer!

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