Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mommy Bootcamp Update: Time to Bring it Back!

It's been awhile since we started our "Mommy Bootcamp" this summer.  I had a lot of success modifying some of the behaviors that were making our days miserable using sticker charts, the kindness jar, and chore charts.  Now that school is in full-swing, we are starting to have some trouble again.  This time I am working on targeting behavior during our morning when we're trying to get everyone out the door and getting ready for bed.  Everyone is at their wit's end, so it was time to bring back some of our incentives and charts.

Let's start with the morning.  Luckily we don't have to be out the door until 8:15 or we'd be in some serious trouble!  We have cut-off screen time before school and are now using it as an incentive.  Our oldest son (who is a major slow-poke) has some basic "chores" that make up his morning routine:  clear his breakfast dishes, make his bed, get dressed, and brush his teeth.  These can be found on his chore chart, both with the words and a picture.  I have tried to just use the chore chart and have him move the button over when he's completed the task, but it just doesn't seem to be motivation enough to keep him moving.  Enter in, a new weekly sticker chart!  I use a great site where you can customize your reward chart and create something fun for your child.  Along the top I have the days of the week and then down the side the tasks he needs to complete before school:  the above-mentioned chores and I have added put on shoes and put on coat.  If he can complete each task either independently or only being asked to do so once, he earns a sticker.  If he earns all of his stickers, he can watch a show after school.  Day one was a success and we even had time to spare!

A Halloween-Themed Sticker Chart

The Princess has three chores to complete in the morning:  make bed, get dressed, and brush teeth.  Unfortunately, she has become a perfectionist when it comes to making her bed, so it has turned into a big ordeal.  The slightest wrinkle sets her off.  I'm considering removing that chore, as it's really causing more problems than it's worth.  The problem I have with her is listening the first time.  I know she hears me, but she tends to ignore me and play with her animals instead of doing what was asked of her.  She is into My Little Pony these days, so I printed off a chart from this website capitalizing on her interest.  In order to earn a sticker, she has to listen to a direction the first time.  Once her chart is full, she will earn a reward (most likely an episode of My Little Pony!).

The My Little Pony Chart

My hope is that these sticker charts will motivate them enough to get moving in the morning.  While we are still using our time-out stickers, I have grown tired of putting them in time-out repeatedly to get them out the door.  There is nothing I dislike more than having to yell and nag at my kids before I send them off to school.  It would be nice if we could have a pleasant morning and leave the house without being rushed and angry with each other.  I know this is the goal of millions of parents around the country, but I am hoping it can become a reality for is, if even a few days a week at this point.  

Our kiddos love Yo Gabba Gabba and they have a Good-bye Song that I think I'm going to turn on when it's time to get out the door.  I know I had mentioned making a playlist, but knowing my kids it will distract them and they will sit and sing along and dance instead of getting ready.  Perhaps if we keep it simple it will work.  I think I'll give it a try tomorrow.  After all, it will be Friday and we can all celebrate that we will have a few days off from the hustle and bustle of getting ready for school.         

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