Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mommy Bootcamp Day #2: Responsibility (DIY Chore Chart)

Day 1 of Mommy Bootcamp was quite successful.  Both kids ended up with one time-out sticker left, so no one was grounded.  They have also been doing a great job with listening and happily running over to their charts to put up their latest sticker when they've earned it.  Even the little guy is understanding, so I am pleased with our progress from just one day.  More rewards have been given out today and our kindness jar is filling up, too!  Positive reinforcement really does go a long way!

Day 2 is upon us and we are learning a bit about responsibility today.  I finally completed their chore charts yesterday, so we are wasting no time in implementing those.  I was going for a very cutesy chore chart, but conceded to the fact that I couldn't find the materials that I needed without spending a fortune, so I made the next best thing:  an economical, simple chore chart.  

Supplies:  I nixed the spray paint and added a paint pen

Here's the run down of supplies:
-Cookie sheet (Dollar Tree), but check to see if it's magnetic first
-Wood Shoppe Wooden Nickel cutout circles (Hobby Lobby)
-Tree House Studio paint marker (Hobby Lobby)
-Craft Magnets (Hobby Lobby)
-Fine point Sharpies

All together I spent under $15 for the three charts with leftover materials to boot.  I plan to hang them using the 3M Command Strip picture hangers.

Each child has an age-appropriate chart.  Some of their chores are part of their daily routine, but the visual cues will hopefully decrease the number of times I have to repeat myself to get these daily tasks done.  The oldest has five chores:  make bed, get dressed, brush teeth, clear dishes from table (which I move over before each meal), and clean up toys.  The middle has four chores:  make bed, get dressed, brush teeth, and clean up toys.  The youngest has three:  get dressed, brush teeth, clean up toys.

Once they completed their chore, they happily ran over to their charts and moved their circle to the done side.  We will continue to add to these as more tasks become age-appropriate, but I am happy with what we have now.  It gives everyone a sense of responsibility and they feel a sense of accomplishment.

The simple chore chart


  1. This is exactly what I have been looking for!! Thank you so much for posting this!

  2. I am so glad you found it! I hope it works out great for you!