Sunday, November 25, 2012

'Tis the Season! Ideas for Kid Crafts Part 1

We can officially kick-off the holiday season!  Woo-hoo!  We are slowly decorating the inside of our house.  I am finding a home for everything in our new place and I am looking forward to adding some new touches to our Christmas decor.  My husband worked outside on the lights today and we discovered we need some more of those, too!  The kids are itching to get a tree, but we are going to hold off on that for a few weeks.  We plan to cut one down this year and I want it to last until Christmas!

I have been making lists of fun activities I'd like to do with the kids.  I am going to shoot for three craft projects a week and have plenty of coloring pages, mazes, and dot-to-dots available as well.  They are so excited about this time of year and it will be fun to do all of these projects now that they are a little bit older.  I thought I'd share a few ideas I have for this week and once we get them made, I'll post them on Pinterest and link to it from here.  For some reason, I cannot get photos to post correctly anymore and it's a bit frustrating!

I think this week we'll keep our projects fairly simple.  I plan to have the kids color a santa and glue cotton balls on for a beard.  We are also going to make Rudolph.  I found this idea on Pinterest, but plan to use a toilet paper tube and glue our pieces on it.  We are going to round out the week making felt ornaments for the felt Christmas tree I am going to make.  I hope the kids will have fun decorating it with their homemade ornaments.  I may even get crazy and pull out the glitter! 

All of these projects are simple and inexpensive.  I know the kids will love to start decorating the house with "their decorations."  I'm already planning next week's activities and can't wait to share my ideas with them.  I have nearly completed my Christmas shopping and am excited that I should be able to reach my goal of baking, crafting, and doing other fun Christmas activities with the kids instead of scrambling to get all of the items on my list.  Should be a very fun month!!  



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