Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bringing the Restaurant Home

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary.  We took Sunday "off" and headed to the western suburbs of Chicago, like we had planned, to celebrate.  We had a great day shopping (which he actually did enjoy a bit), had a wonderful lunch, many treats along the way, and a lot of time to actually talk.  It was wonderful and it seems like when we get that time alone, we talk about goals for ourselves and our family.  It's very refreshing and we definitely need to do it more often!

Since we had our celebration on Sunday, we didn't do anything special yesterday.  Instead, I made a nice dinner that was a copycat recipe of Olive Garden's Alfredo sauce.  I haven't made it in years, but it was a hit with the whole family.  I am definitely going to add it into our recipe collection to be used more often.  It definitely does not rank high on the health meter, but it was yummy and kid-friendly, so that's what counts!

I got this recipe from a website that I found ten years ago.  They have a lot of recipes that taste very similar to some of your favorite restaurant dishes.  It is called www.copykat.com.  Check it out!

Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce

1 stick butter
1 pint heavy cream
3/4 c. parmesan cheese (I use the grated in the shakable container and it worked fine)
1 t. garlic powder

Put the butter and heavy cream in a pan and simmer until the butter is melted and mixed well with the heavy cream.  Add parmesan cheese and garlic powder.  Simmer for 15-20 minutes, stirring often.  If it is not thick enough for your liking, you can add a few tablespoons of cream cheese to thicken it up.  I have never used it, though.  Serve it with a side of breadsticks baked, topped with butter and garlic powder, and it's just like you're at the restaurant.  Enjoy!  

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