Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sometimes We Fall Short

Do you ever get that feeling that sometimes your day/week/month was a bust?  That's how I'm feeling about January this year.  I had high expectations for the month, especially in the kitchen, but they just didn't pan out.  This was not a healthy month in our house and given that I spent a third of the month dizzy and not feeling like myself at all, I think I'll go ahead and cut myself some slack.  It's only fitting that we wrap up this month with illness:  our oldest appears to have strep throat and our daughter will be having surgery tomorrow to put in her second set of tubes and have her adenoids out.  I am praying that February goes a little more smoothly!

While February is a short month, it's also very busy for us.  We will be celebrating our oldest kiddo's sixth birthday, taking a week-long vacation, and prepping for baby #4's arrival in, gasp, less than ten weeks.  I am not feeling like time is on my side right now, but I suppose it will all work out in the end.  For someone who is an organizer and planner, this is definitely an uncomfortable feeling!  Ultimately, my goal is make February a memorable month.  Ironically, our kids have been begging to go on a vacation and go to the beach, so it will be fun to surprise them (the morning that we're leaving!) about our vacation.  I pray that everyone gets healthy in the next few weeks and we'll enjoy our last vacation as a family of 5!

Next weekend we'll celebrate our son's birthday.  He wants a Chicago Bulls theme and has requested a basketball jersey cake of his favorite player.  I am hoping that this will be an easy task, but I guess time will tell!  Instead of hosting a party where we have to serve a meal, I wanted to simplify a bit and just serve cake and ice cream, as well as "concessions."  I plan to make some Queso and serve with chips for nachos, popcorn, BBQ wienies in the crockpot, and have some fruit and/or veggies.  Sounds simple enough, right?  I'll serve the popcorn in little box containers I have leftover from last year.  I found those at Hobby Lobby and knew they'd come in handy again!  Party City had cheap Bulls dessert plates and napkins (with his favorite player on them!) and I'll pick up some red and black dinner plates and utensils for cheap at the Dollar Tree.  This is a party on a budget, since unbeknownst to him, our oldest will be celebrating his birthday in Florida this year!

While things may not always work out as I had hoped, I am optimistic that February will be a good month.  I will head to my Happiness Project journal tonight and set my goals for the month.  I hope to be able to report a little more progress, but if not, then it just wasn't in the cards!  Do you have any goals you'd like to achieve this month?

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