Monday, March 25, 2013

Counting Down the Days...2 Weeks (or less!)

My little energy bursts last week seem to have subsided.  I'm pretty sure I could go to bed right now and it's not even dinnertime!  My kids have been sleeping better (and later), but unfortunately it's a little late for that because I'm up all of the time at night.  Seems to be how things always go when we have another baby.  If they could keep it up after he or she arrives, though, that would be great!

There have been a lot of "last-minute" ideas I've had that I'm trying to get crossed off of my list.  Over the weekend my husband and I went out for a date night (gasp!).  It was much-needed and we thoroughly enjoyed a quiet dinner and were able to have a conversation without being interrupted a million times.  It's something we definitely don't do enough, but I know we appreciate it on the rare occasions that it happens.  Fortunately, we are both fairly realistic about our expectations for a social life at this point and time in our lives:  it is pretty non-existent.  Even though we have family nearby, it is difficult for them to watch and put to bed our three kids and it won't get any easier adding another.  We've tried to get creative and do a "date night" at home on some Saturday evenings, but that will probably be put on the back burner for awhile, too.  I think it can be frustrating for us at times, but it's just where we are in life.  

I finally got a baby book yesterday (so excited!), so I plan to work on filling that in this week.  I enjoy marking the milestones for all of our kids and have stuck with the baby books (and then journals) for all of the kiddos so far.  I am a super sentimental freak, so this is very important to me!  I still need to finish uploading pictures to my photo cart online, but I hope to get that done this week, too.  I like to do photo albums, but have had a hard time keeping up the past few years!  At least I will have all of the pictures printed off.  They may sit in a box for awhile, but it's something!

All-in-all, I'm pretty happy with what has been accomplished in the past month as we await Baby #4's arrival.  My kids are excited and ask each night if it will be the day.  My husband and I are anxious and waiting for true labor to kick in.  Most importantly, though, we're enjoying our last few days or weeks as a family of five.  We had planned many special activities and have enjoyed them a lot.  I am always nervous about how our family dynamics will change once another little one arrives, but I think our kiddos will shower this one with love (maybe too much!) and before we know it we'll feel like it's always been the six of us! 

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