Monday, July 9, 2012

Mommy Bootcamp Update

We are almost two weeks into our Mommy Bootcamp and things have improved quite a bit in our home.  The kids have begun to listen better and love to fill up their sticker charts.  It has given them the motivation they needed to follow directions, though I admit that sometimes I am not the best at keeping up with it.  Last week was a bit crazy with the holidays and traveling, but we are starting a fresh week and I am back on my game rewarding them when they have listened.  Our kindness jar has been a positive addition as well, but it is taking a bit longer to fill up than I would have thought.  We get so close to it being full and then we have a few bad moments and it depletes.  I can't wait until it is full one day.  The kids are so excited for their "surprise."  I better make it a good one!

Getting out of our house was always one of the most chaotic and aggravating parts of our day, but we are starting to get it down!  Now that they have begun to follow directions better, I have set up an area by our back door that is also helping with this transition.  While I would have loved to put in built-in cubbies, this was not in the cards right now.  Instead, I purchased a storage bench at Target and each kiddo has been given a bin in their favorite color.  This is the place where we will keep the kids' shoes and winter accessories.  Since it is right by the door, it's the perfect drop spot.  There is also a cushioned bench and it is a great space for the kids to sit when they are ready to go.   Above the bench, we hung double hooks for their backpacks and coats and above that, a bulletin board.  Now that we will have two kids in school, there will be two sets of calendars and notes home.  This will be where I hang those items and any special artwork for the week.

Our Backdoor Storage

I have added a few things to my list of things to work on during Mommy Bootcamp.  The oldest child has begun to talk back and show his displeasure about participating in activities he does not want to do. While I do think it is okay for him to voice his opinion, he needs to learn to do it in a pleasant, respectful, acceptable way.  The middle child has become an absolute nightmare in the sleep department and we are trying to remedy the situation.  I am ready for her to be sleeping through the night again and I sure hope that it happens soon.  It is all trial and error, but I hope to be posting some positive improvements in these areas soon!


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