Monday, July 16, 2012

Mama's getting organized!

I've slowly been working on getting everything organized in our house.  My first focus was on the kids' rooms and after a busy Saturday of decorating, I can happily say that I am about ready to close the door on that project.  Our house is starting to feel like a home and much more progress will be made in the next few weeks.  There is a motivational factor that I will share with you on another day!

I am trying to get my "stuff" organized.  As you know, I like to make lists and I wanted a place to keep my tally of items we have run out of before I get around to making my grocery list.  I also usually have some pile of papers that I need to scan, mail, or file and I needed a place to put them until I can complete the job.  I decided to make my own covered cork board.  I'm really not that crafty, but I am pleased with the way it turned out.  I like the color scheme so much, I think I am going to use it in our half bathroom!

It was a very simple project.  I purchased a cork board at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off.  I took it over to the fabric department, chose a pattern that I liked, and had the nice employee measure how much I needed.  It was a very low-maintenance project.  The only trouble I had was using the staple gun.  We only have a heavy-duty gun, but I used it anyway.  It was much more powerful than I needed, but it did the job.  The whole time I was working on my project, I felt like I was on an episode of the old TLC series Trading Spaces.  I always wanted to create my own decor!  Success story #1.  

The supplies all ready to go!
The finished project!


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