Friday, July 6, 2012

A Friday Tradition

When I look back on my childhood, we had many traditions that I enjoyed.  I can remember having pizza on Sundays.  For many years, my parents and their good friends would pile our two families (8 of us in total) in our car and head out in search of pizza.  Eight people in a car?  Yes, it was legal then, as there were no seatbelt laws.  I was the youngest of the kids by several years and the only girl.  I loved this adventure every Sunday and I can still remember some of those outings.  If we did not go out, we would make our own pizza at home.  It was just a known fact that Sunday was pizza night.

Now that our kids our getting older, we have begun to think about some traditions we would like to start as a family outside of the typical holiday ideas.  My kids are picky eaters and I had begun to grow tired of the whining and complaining at dinnertime, so I thought I might choose one day a week that would please the crowd.  In the end, I decided to incorporate one of my favorite childhood memories and start the tradition of pizza night on Fridays.  We make our own pizzas every Friday and the kids love it.  I love it, too, because everyone eats without grumbling and we have some leftovers for the weekend!  For the longest time I have used Mama Mary's pizza crust, but tried my hand at making my own one week using a Fleishman's pizza crust yeast mix.  I didn't care for it, so back to the prepackaged we went.  I think I will try another recipe soon, though, as I would like to have fresh dough for our weekly meal.  Not only will it cut back on cost, but it will be preservative-free as well.

This is just the beginning of fun traditions we will start with our kiddos.  It has been fun to see how quickly they catch onto these simple ideas.  The older two know that if it's Friday, Mom will be making pizza.  They love predictability and I really think they look forward to their Friday night meal.  Chalk up a win for us all!

Our Friday Night Fun

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