Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Apple Fun: Kids Math Activities

When I was teaching, I always loved doing a unit on apples.  There are so many things you can do!  Today I am going to share some fun and easy math apple activities for you to do with your kiddos of all ages.  My own kiddos are enjoying our new apple projects each day and I hope yours do as well!

Apples lend themselves to math activities since there are three different colors.  For your youngest kids, you can simply work on matching the colored apples or stepping that up a notch and sorting them by color.  To make it really fun, use real apples!  This morning I had my little guy work on his colors by picking up the color of apple I asked for and then gluing it on a piece of paper to make an apple collage.

Practicing color recognition

For kids that are preschool-aged, you can practice patterning with two or three colors.  Today my daughter quickly made a pattern with two colors.  She loved creating it and using the glue (of course!) to put them on the paper.  Once she completed her pattern, I had her "read" it back to me and then count how many apples she used.  This, too, would be fun with real apples!  

A simple AB pattern project

If your children can recognize numbers, show them a number and have them count on that many apples.  You could also make a book, providing the number on the top of the page for them to trace and then draw that many apples.  It may look something like this:

Tracing and drawing book

To take this activity one step further, if your child is ready, you can print off the color word in addition to the number and have them create a book about apples.

Color word and number book

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