Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Post-Pregnancy Fun

In a few weeks I'll be able to workout again.  I haven't worked out much since I found out I was pregnant, because I didn't feel great this time around.  I am looking forward to relieving some stress and dropping some of these pounds (hopefully!), but am afraid finding the time to do this will be tough.  I'm going to try to set some goals, though not too high at this point, and work at it each week.  The gym we belonged to doesn't take infants this small, so it may take some creativity on my part and take place either early morning or later at night.  If you have any at home workouts you enjoy, I'd love to hear about them!

Of course dropping these pounds means eating healthier, but making sure I eat enough calories for both of us.  I am not a fan of eating plain vegetables, cooked or raw, but love them in things.  My goal is to make a pot of soup each week and have it on hand for lunch.  I plan to make some of my go-to favorites like Chicken Noodle, Tuscan Chicken and Vegetable Beef , but am also going to try recipes I found for Olive Garden's Minestrone and Pasta Fagioli.  To get my daily fruit, I'll make smoothies in the morning with a base of bananas, strawberries, and apple juice.  I'll then add pineapple or blueberries depending on what I have on hand.  Normally I would also include french vanilla yogurt, but will leave out because of my dairy elimination diet.

Vitamin Packed Fruit Smoothie

Late last week I thought I'd treat myself to an early Mother's Day present and buy some shirts.  I am tired of going to my closet, staring at the clothes, and realizing that none of them fit!  I'm over wearing maternity shirts, especially now that they really don't fit, but cannot wear any of my things from last summer.  After striking out with what I bought at Target and Kohls, I hit up Old Navy.  Luckily after trying a few styles on, I found one "dressier" looking shirt and another style that worked.  I couldn't help but laugh, though, as my mantra when shopping for clothes post-baby is this:  if you find one that works, but it in a bunch of colors.  I don't have time to shop around, so that is what I did!  

So, if you live near me or see me on a regular basis, don't be surprised if you see the same v-neck in a rainbow of colors!  :)

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