Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Let the Workouts Begin!

After many, many months of not working out, I'm in the clear to get back at it!  While I have some issues with a section of ligament and muscles that are painful and inflamed, I can still get moving again.  After stepping on the scale today at my six week appointment, I realized just how far I have to go.  While I could look at that number on the scale and be down in the dumps a bit, I'm looking at it as how much fun it will be to workout and see the pounds go away (since there are so many to lose!).  Let's face the facts:  I grew another human being for nine months, I ate what I wanted and continue to do so, and now it's time to slowly remove all the extra baggage!  My game plan:  slow and steady with a lot of variety.  Before we moved I was in the best shape of my life, so I have some direction.  I just need to get back on the saddle and into a routine. Sounds simple enough, but I'm thinking it won't be quite that easy!

Goals.  We all need goals, right?  I do much better when I have something to strive for, so my first goal is to run, or maybe run/walk, a 5K in August.  There's a run called Color Me Rad coming to my area and I've seen pictures of people who have participated in something similar and it looks like fun!  Last year I participated in the Dirty Girl Mud Run and had a blast.  That is not a possibility this year (I hope next year!), so this sounded like a good, fun option.  I hope to enlist some friends to join me and make it a fun little girls morning out.

I am going to be working out at home for now, so I plan to incorporate some fitness DVD's as well as using our Wii, as I have The Biggest Loser and Wii Fit, which should give me some options (and who knows, maybe the kids will stay entertained?).  Some ladies in the neighborhood have suggested getting together to walk as often as possible and I would love to add that in as well.  I suppose I'll dust off the old hand weights and bands, too.  I'm excited just writing about it!

So here's to getting back in shape.  I won't be worried about what I look like this summer because it's almost here, but hopefully by next summer I'll be back in shape like I was at this time last year.  It's all an adventure and I plan to enjoy the ride!

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