Friday, May 17, 2013

10 Quick Games for Kids

These days I spend a lot of time feeding the baby and while my middle two kiddos play pretty well with each other, there are just some times when I need to calm them down with a little organized fun.  You can find a game in this list that would work in almost any place!

1.  Can You Be A...
Name that animal.  They love this game and as long as there's a big space and noise is okay, this one works well.  Some of our favorites:  kangaroo, monkey, snake, and horse of course!

2.  Ten In the Bed...
There's a song, "Ten in the Bed," that my kids love.  It goes like this, "There were ten in the bed and the little one said, 'Roll Over, Roll Over' so they all rolled over and one fell out!" Repeat until zero.  Whenever I start singing it, the kiddos drop to the floor and start rolling.  Fun!

3.  Pipe Cleaners in a Colander
Self-explanatory!  Drag out your colander and give the kiddos some pipe cleaners.  

4.  Folder Games
You can print these fun games online, glue them in a manilla folder, cover the folder and game pieces in contact paper, and Velcro.  There are games for all abilities or make your own!

5.  Poms in a Muffin Tin
Let your kiddo make their own "cupcakes."  Let them use tweezers to pick them up and work those little fingers!

6.  Sticker Fun:  On Your Body!
Give your kiddos some stickers.  Play like "Simon Says."  Name a body part and have them put the sticker on it!

7.  Freeze!
Get the little ones dancing!  Turn on some music, get them dancing, and pause it.  If you 
don't have music, give them a gross motor skill (hop, gallop, walk, crawl, etc.), let them burn some energy, and and yell "Freeze!"

8.  Snowball Fight!
But not messy!  Throw some poms on the floor, give the kids a straw, and have them blow "snowballs" at each other.  This also works with pieces of tissue paper if you don't have poms on hand.  My kids like to play hockey with them, too, and shoot them into a goal!

9.  I Spy
A classic game, but give it a twist.  Depending on your child's level, you can spy colored objects, an object that starts with a letter, or an object that rhymes with a word.  Mix it up and you'd be surprised how long this entertains!

10.  Sticker Names
Write your child's name on a piece of paper and let them make it with stickers.  You could also work on numbers, letters, sight words, you name it!


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