Monday, June 3, 2013

Time for Summer School with Mom! This Weeks Theme: Ocean and Sea LIfe

Summer has officially kicked off at our house.  This summer I am planning to work with my kiddos on a variety of skills and hold my own Summer School with Mom.  Oddly enough, my kindergarten graduate was already asking for math worksheets Friday afternoon, so I think we're on the same page!  My middle two always like projects to complete, so I am hoping to have some fun with it.  

This week we are starting a unit on Ocean and Sea Life.  Each day I hope to complete a few activities that have to do with our theme.  Today we made an octopus and completed a developmentally appropriate math worksheet.  We will also be reading a lot this summer.  We have set our goals and the kiddos will receive a reward once we've reached our milestones along the way.  They will also be participating in the summer reading program at the library.  I plan to keep them busy (though I'm sure I'll still hear, "I'm bored" plenty!)!

To make our octopus, we used a balloon and crepe paper.  I blew up the balloons first and let them have some fun batting them around for a little gross motor work.  We turned on some music and I challenged my oldest not to let it fall on the ground more than ten times during a song.

Gross Motor Fun

Once they were done playing, I gave them a Sharpie and had them draw a face on their balloon.  I cut the strips of paper for the tentacles and they counted out eight legs to glue onto their balloon with a glue stick.  Simple project, but they turned out really cute!

The Finished Product!

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