Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rainy Day Fun!

As of late, we have had several rainy days.  While we have gone on a few outings, my kids are going a bit stir-crazy!  We are still working on our ocean unit, so we busted out the paint last week and made some jellyfish.  We cut a paper plate in half, glued on some crepe paper, grabbed some cut up sponges, and off to work they went.  They turned out really cute and the kids had a blast painting.

We brought out those trusty poms again and came up with a new game.  Toss them in the muffin tin.  That brought about a competition and they had fun playing that for quite some time!

One day the kids went downstairs and after awhile called me down.  They had created a zoo!  They played this together for two straight days.  It was quite elaborate and took awhile to clean up, but it was fun!

Now we're hoping for this rainy weather to go away for awhile so we can enjoy our time outside!

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