Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer School With Mom Week #2: Rainbow Fish and an Ocean Snack

We are continuing with our ocean and sea life theme this week.  I think it may last all of June at this rate!  The kids are interested in learning more about everything that lives in the ocean and we are having fun doing it with food, crafts, reading, and math activities.  One of our summer bucket list items is going to the aquarium.  I think that would be a great treat at the end of our unit.

Today we read the story The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister and made our own Rainbow Fish.  Each kid got a paper plate and tissue paper and tin foil scales.  They glued them on and topped it off with a googly eye.

Rainbow Fish in Progress

Working Hard

 For an afternoon snack we made an ocean in a cup.  We crumbled up graham crackers in a Ziploc bag and put them on the bottom for sand.  We made vanilla pudding in a bag, too, and added just a touch of blue frosting coloring to make our water (which turned green because of the yellow pudding!  We decided our water was a little dirty!).  You could add Swedish Fish or another type of gummy fish, but my kids aren't fans of those, so we added chocolate chips and called them sharks because of their points.

Working on the Pudding

Shaking it Up!

Smashing Up the Graham Cracker

Adding the "Sharks"

The Finished Product

We topped off our afternoon with a Finding Nemo movie party.  They had fun naming the sea creatures and my oldest even got out a book from the library to find the right names for the fish!

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