Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mommy Bootcamp is Back!

We may have a new baby in the house, but this mama is not letting that be an excuse for my kids to blatantly ignore me or do the opposite of what I ask.  The not listening is driving me up the wall, so it is time to take some action.  You may recall that this past summer I did a little "Mommy Bootcamp" to try to discourage some behaviors that were causing problems in the house.  Well, it's back, and today was the prep day to devise a system to try to get our kids back on track and listening!

My goal was to make something simple that the kids can independently do quickly and see their progress.  I am a big fan of sticker charts, but this time we're going a different route.  Each kid got to choose their "logo," which is what they will move.  My little guy chose a dump truck, the Princess chose a giraffe, and my oldest son chose a baseball.  I printed them out, trimmed around them, and placed contact paper over both sides so they will be durable.  On the back, I attached a piece of Velcro.  

Each kiddo will have a road (covered on the front side with contact paper) with a designated number of Velcro spots on them (varying by age) that lead to their "destination" (construction site, zoo, and ballpark).  Each time they listen the first time to a direction, they can move their logo.  Once they arrive at their destination, they will receive a reward (a story, extra five minutes to stay up, a show, etc.).  I am hoping this will be a fun and motivational little game and soon we'll be back on track and listening again (at least better than they are now!).

I have hung this up on one of our kitchen walls so we have easy access to it and it will be a visual reminder to listen.  Cheers to Mommy Bootcamp!  

All ready to go!

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