Friday, June 29, 2012

Mommy Bootcamp Day #3 (and a Patriotic Craft)

TGIF!!  I am looking forward to the weekend.  We are headed back to where we moved from so I can run my first 5K race:  The Dirty Girl Mud Run.  The extreme heat and humidity is making me lose some confidence in my ability to run it all, but it should be a great time!  

We are in our third day of Mommy Bootcamp and I am pleased to announce that we made it through story time with no temper tantrums and everyone earned a sticker for their behavior while we were out.  These sticker charts are working miracles I tell ya!  They are so eager to follow any direction that I give them that the minute it is out of my mouth they are off and running.  This is followed by, "Look, Mom!  I did what you asked!"  Bravo, kids!  You've earned another sticker.  Rewards are happening at least once daily and I've increased the younger two's charts because they were going through them too quickly!  I feel great about our progress and they are having fun.  We still have our moments, but I don't feel nearly as desperate as I did when this all started!

We are on the second day of our chore charts and they are also a big hit.  This morning everyone was ready to move those circles.  Most of their "chores" were activities we already did daily, but making their bed is a new addition.  This morning my older two kids were downstairs in a flash and yelling up to us to check out their beds.  What pride they had in their accomplishment.  It goes to show you that you shouldn't underestimate a.) what they can do and b.) the pride they feel when they are able to complete a "big kid" task independently.  We are all learning some valuable lessons throughout this adventure.

Next week we will be focusing on smooth bedtime routines and keeping kids in their beds.  That is like real bootcamp as the sleep deprivation that comes with parenting is horrible.  Very few will tell you that the sleep issues extend much further than the newborn stage.  It's okay.  While it really sucks, I'm still alive to talk about it! 

Given that the 4th of July is creeping upon us, we decided to have some fun yesterday and begin a set of patriotic crafts to get ready for our celebration.  I did two projects to accommodate the different abilities of my kids.  The oldest made a flag by tearing tissue and construction paper to fill in the colors and the younger two glued red and blue stars on some white paper.  The kids were all very excited to be using real glue.  It was the highlight of the activities!  

The flag turned out great!

Simple, but fun

While this was fun, I am much more excited about the goodies I'll be making next week.  I've been pinning away and can't wait to try some new treats.  I hope to share some positive results early next week!  

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