Friday, June 15, 2012

And So It Begins...

Moving has given us a fresh start and I'm ready to hit the road running.  After taking a little bit of time to get settled, I am ready to implement some of the ideas I had envisioned before the big move.  That sounds like an easy task, but I had so many ideas I didn't know where to start.  After a little thought, I decided to tackle our menu.  Let the experimentation begin!

I will admit...I am a picky eater.  Unfortunately, I think that my pickiness has been passed on to our kids.  It was time to make a change, as I think we were all getting sick of the same old meals.  I spent a few days scouring over recipes and within minutes had started a nice little folder of recipes to try.  My goal was to find some easy recipes that were outside of the box (for us).  For the past few weeks I've inserted a few of those recipes into our menu and much to my surprise all of us have found some new favorites!  

This recipe for beef taquitos was so easy and all of my kids loved it and requested it for a "leftover lunch" a few days later:

This particular meal brought a few laughs at the dinner table.  My oldest son loved this new recipe even though it was a little spicy.  About halfway through, he asked for more milk because he had "hot breath."  Once his cup was refilled, he downed the rest of that taquito.  Mission accomplished:  picky eaters loving a new meal!

I am enjoying this new meal challenge and hope to add many more recipes to our rotation.  Stay tuned for more success stories! 

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  1. Hey there gina I am a mom that one kid has peanut allergies and also lactose intolenant.