Monday, June 18, 2012

Let's Get Organized!

After the big move, I lost a lot of motivation to actually work on the house.  We unpacked our necessities and took a few weeks off to recover from the whirlwind of packing, cleaning, and unpacking.  Over the weekend my desire to start turning our new house into our home began to stir.  I had pinned some organization ideas to Pinterest and finally to the time to really look at them today to see how I could adapt them to fit my needs.

My two biggest tasks are a control center and chore charts.  Many of you may be asking, "What is a control center?"  Let me share.  I plan to create a space that holds the following:  dry erase board for appointments, games, activities, etc., a menu board, and the chore charts.  I am not the craftiest person in the world, but I think I can make all of these items myself.  I just need to get my supplies so that I can get to work!  My goal is to be sharing the finished product with you by the end of June.

I am looking to bring some order to a home that is a little chaotic by nature.  Having young children lends itself to this, but I really like everything to have a place.  Now that we have much more space than we used to, I desperately need more storage and organization items to create order.  As a former teacher, the wheels have been turning in my head since we bought this place.  How can I create designated spaces for the kids' areas of play?  Even better, how can I teach them to put their treasures back where they found them?

I think I will revert back to the days in the classroom and create "centers" so to speak.  This is a project that I also look forward to completing, as I feel like everyone benefits when a space is well-defined.  There are two areas that I really want to make fun and functional:  dramatic play and arts and crafts.  I look forward to some more DIY projects for these areas as well.  Time to get pinning!

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