Monday, March 3, 2014

Dining Room Remodel Project: Part 1

What is the room in your house that you are unhappy with?  It's been nearly two years since we've moved and there was one room in our house that I was itching to redo:  our dining room.  It sits right off of our entryway and is open to the house.  The paint color from the previous owners was faded and not very pleasant to the eye and I wanted it gone.  We spent a lot of time pondering what color to paint that room.  After several months of brainstorming we finally decided we wanted navy.  We brought home several of the paint sample cards from the store and ended up choosing a dark blue.  While probably not considered navy, it is by far the darkest, boldest paint choice we've made.  When I shared our choice with some of my family members and friends, I think they were a little taken aback.  The final result, however, was a hit (at least that's what they tell us!).

We chose the color Mesmerize by Behr.  It truly has been mesmerizing.  Oh, what a difference a paint color makes.  Our drab dining room became a room I was drawn to.  I still find myself looking in there thinking, "We nailed the color."  I love it!  Once the color was on the wall, we needed to pick some accent colors.  The winners were gray and lime green.  Once again, I am in love.  We don't have all our accessories yet, but what we do have has really popped in our new dining room.

Lime Green and Gray Accents
Lime Green Serving Tray on Hutch
One of our big projects was to make a wall hanging to replicate one I found on Pinterest.  I understand that not all things we find on Pinterest turn out well (have I mentioned how much I love the 'nailed it' clips on Facebook?), but this turned out better than I could have hoped.  My dear friend sent me a picture of a headboard she found at Goodwill for $8!  I gave her the okay and she kindly brought it home for us.  We were looking for something with a decorative accent and she found a treasure.  After sawing off the legs, we chose a light gray color and my husband got to work painting.  One day while looking around for accents at Hobby Lobby, I came across some lime green knobs that I thought would give a little flare to the piece.  It turned out great!  Eventually I would like to find a decal that says, "Give us this day, our daily bread" and split it between the two sides, but for now it's perfect.

What Once Was a Headboard, Is Now a Decorative Wall Hanging

We're still piecing together the patterns and textures that we're bringing into the room.  I'll share more on that once we finish the details!

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