Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter Words: Organize and Prioritize

January is always a time where one feels rejuvenated, hopeful, full of ambition, and set on making and achieving goals.  At least this is how I tend to begin each new year.  Some days, weeks, months, or years are more successful than others.  A lot seems to depend on the ages of my kids, the amount of sleep I'm getting, and just my overall mood.  This year I have set goals that I feel are attainable and will improve life, both for myself and our family, but I just need to focus.  I need to organize and prioritize:  my time, my house, and my life in general.

Lately I've felt this sense of disorganization, both in my physical environment and in my physical self.  I look around my house and I just see a mess:  things don't have a place to go, toys are everywhere, my kitchen table is piled with school papers and mail, and no matter how often I clean up, it just happens again.  I fully understand that I have young kids and my house is not going to be pristine, but is it too much to ask to just have the basics put away?  I'm talking about the clutter.  I've come to realize that when my physical environment is messy and chaotic, so is my physical self.  This is why I am making it my goal to spend the next two months of winter organizing my home.  Closets will be cleaned out, things will have places to go, and children will be expected to clean up after themselves or what's left out will be held in "toy prison."  Sounds harsh, but there are lessons to be learned in responsibility that I just can't pass up.

As a self-proclaimed "Type A" person, I like to feel in control.  I like to be organized.  I like to have a plan.  Right now none of that is happening.  I am doing my best to give up on some of the control:  "imperfect progress," but the planning and organization are possible if I just take some time to prioritize my life.  My family will always come first.  I love my outside commitments, but I have to be able to balance them and our home life.  It's tough to do!

I have so many projects I want to complete around the house, so over the weekend my husband and I made a list and we will begin tackling these over the next few months.  I have some DIY projects that are half completed and also have some to begin.  Completing these will help in my goal to organize and hopefully restore a sense of order to our home.  If only time was unlimited!  There wouldn't be a problem then.  My goal is to start with the areas I see the most:  the family room, kitchen, and bedrooms.  Once those are complete, I'll work my way into those areas that aren't so visible.  Prioritize!

I am also planning to refocus on myself a bit.  It's time to get back into a fitness routine, "schedule" some mommy time, write, and read.  I know those four changes will make a huge impact in my overall self.  It's so hard to go, go, go, especially when it doesn't include taking care of yourself.  Sound selfish?  It's really not.  Serving others is a wonderful thing, but taking care of oneself is important.  Mothers unselfishly serve day in and day out.  It's okay to take a break and do something for ourselves!  Prioritize!

As for my outside commitments, this is the area that I really need to prioritize.  Starting a business is time-consuming and that is my focus right now.  All of these baby steps and planning will hopefully turn into a life-changing opportunity for us all.  I am so incredibly excited to be on this journey and can't wait until we are officially licensed by the state and ready to go.  I think it's going to be wonderful for our family and our community.  From Cover to Cover is also near and dear to my heart.  We are moving forward and planning to serve more children in a few months.  With these two big projects on my plate, I am adopting the motto of "no is the new yes."  I just can't take on much more at this time and take care of my family, too  While I feel like my strength is to lead and organize groups, this time I'm going to step back and say no to any more outside commitments that require a lot of my time.  It will be hard to do, but necessary!

I think I have a plan and it sounds like a productive two months will lie ahead.  I just pray I will be able to follow through this time.  What areas of your life do you need to organize and prioritize?  I'd love to hear your struggles and your plan!  



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